Lil Swee-tea is a great way to gather a few friends together to celebrate a special birthday or just for fun.

This package has been designed for upto 6 girls.

*Only available within a 50 mile radius of my office in Spring Hill, TN

Price ~ $235 ~ 6 guests including the birthday girl. $5 for each additional guests up to 12 guests.

Lil Swee-tea Package Includes:
*Themed Tea Party ~ You may choose from any one of our Themed Tea Parties
(exempt: all the packages which include any of the "Stuff-A-Friend" crafts)
*1 1/2 Hour Party
*1 Party Hostess
*6 Custom Invitations
*Porcelain Tea Setting & Themed Tablescape
*Table Linens & Folding Chair Covers or Dining Room Chair Covers with bows
*Themed Music

*Tea Cookies
*Flavored Children's Tea with Rainbow Sparkling Confetti Sugar Crystals
View our Tea Cart to add a Tea-licious Menu, Themed Cupcakes or Themed Cake to your tea party

Lil Swee~tea Package Includes:
*Themed Dress-up Trunk ~ You may choose any one of our themed Dress-up clothes from any one of our packages. Choose from: "Little Princess", "Fairy Princess","Enchanted Mermaid", "TuTu Fancy", "Lil Lady" or "So~So Girly"

Lil Swee~tea Activities:
*Apply Make-up ~ (each child receives their own make-up kit to take home)
*Make Your Own Themed Charm Bracelet
*Make Your Own Themed Photo Frame
*Group Digital Photo for each Child
*Gift Bag to carry home activities

Lil Swee~tea add-ons:
*Themed Favor ~ you may want to add a themed favor for each child.
Once you choose your theme be sure to view the favor choice for that theme.

*Themed Homemade Lollipops made from white chocolate ~ $1.50 per child

*Additional Themed Hostess ~ $75~ this add on is for the
Princess Tea Package, Little Fairy Princess & Enchanted Mermaid

*Princess Bounce Castle ~ $50 plus an additional 1/2 hour added to your party
(outside use only)

Please view 0ur photos on our facebook page Lil Swee-tea Party.

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